For the camera module equipped with a mobile phone, is the larger the aperture of the lens group, the better?

December 23, 2023

Latest company news about For the camera module equipped with a mobile phone, is the larger the aperture of the lens group, the better?

The working principle of the mobile phone camera module is as follows: an optical image is generated from the scene through the lens; projected onto the surface of the image sensor, converted into an electrical signal; converted into a digital image signal through analog-to-digital conversion, and then sent to the digital signal for processing; finally, through the display The device is displayed. The sensors of mobile phone cameras are divided into two types: CCD and CMOS. However, due to the complex process and high cost of CCD, the price is too high and it is rarely used. CMOS sensors are relatively affordable and have low power consumption, making them ideal mobile phone camera sensors. The upgrade of mobile phone camera pixels will make the lens aperture wider and wider, which is beneficial to the clarity of imaging.


Mobile phone camera photography is no longer limited to light. It can image normally in dark or strong light environments. Through multiple cameras, optical zoom and other functions can also be achieved. Mobile phone camera testing is the key to ensuring the quality of mobile phone cameras, including resolution testing, color reproduction, brightness uniformity, distortion, gray scale, stray light, noise and other test items. In order to improve the testing efficiency of mobile phone cameras, you can choose to use high-current shrapnel microneedle modules as connected electronic components, which can ensure the stability of mobile phone camera testing.


The high-current shrapnel microneedle module can also maintain stable contact in the small pitch test of mobile phone cameras, and can transmit current in the range of 1-50A within a pitch value of ≤0.2mm. Its one-piece structure allows current to flow in the same material body, making the overflow smooth and stable. It has better connection function and can maintain a long-term and stable connection during high-frequency testing of mobile phone cameras, allowing the mobile phone camera test to achieve ideal results.