SC2210 black light level sensor camera module

October 14, 2023

Latest company news about SC2210 black light level sensor camera module

This black optical sensor with SC2210 is an image sensor used in camera modules. In the field of security monitoring, the camera module integrating the SC2210 sensor is described as a "1080P HDR camera module" specially designed for security monitoring applications. That is 1920x1080 pixels, commonly known as full HD. This resolution shows that the camera can capture detailed and high-quality video footage.


This SC2210 black optical sensor is an image sensor used in camera modules. It has "starlight night vision effect" and can shoot 1080P high-definition video.


"Starlight Night Vision" refers to a camera's ability to capture clear images in low-light conditions. This shows that the SC2210 sensor is designed to provide enhanced light sensitivity, allowing it to produce relatively brighter and clearer images in dark environments. Also features "HDR" high dynamic range, a technology used in photography and videography to capture a wider range of light and dark details in a scene. HDR technology enables the camera to capture more accurate colors and more detail in both bright and dark areas, improving overall image quality. The integration of the SC2210 black optical sensor with HDR capabilities shows that this camera module is optimized for security surveillance applications where capturing clear and detailed footage in a variety of lighting conditions is critical.


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